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Chinese Character
Chinese character, widely used in Chinese culture areas is a text, are ideographic characters morpheme syllable words, as the ancients invented the Huaxia people create and make improvements, the exact history dating back to about 1300 BC Shang Dynasty Oracle. Then Qin Xiao Zhuan, developed to Han Cai Bei named "characters", to Tang Kai into handwriting used by today standards - regular script. Chinese character is by far the longest continuous use the main text, is the major writing systems in ancient times since the only transmission of text, some scholars maintain that the character is in a unified state of China's north-south long one of the key elements, some scholars Chinese characters as China's fifth great invention. Ancient Chinese characters as the main official language of the tailor.
Chinese Study Adviser
Historical origin
Changjie characters to Chinese characters from the Ching Wang Yirong years was found in Oracle, ancient Chinese scholars have been opened to the origin of Chinese characters
Oracle Mystery. On the origin of Chinese characters, the ancient Chinese literature, there are claims such as "Story", "guitar string", "gossip," "picture", "carved", the ancient books are also widely documented Emperor Cang Jie creating characters. Modern scholars believe that a system of writing tool can not be created entirely by one person, the selection of its people, if indeed it should be enacted or written order.
In recent decades, Chinese archaeologists have published a series of Oracle earlier than the Yin Ruins in Anyang, and Origin of the discoveries. This information mainly refers to the primitive and advanced in the early history of the above in pottery or painting depicts symbols, also includes a small amount of writing in the bones, jade, stone and other top symbol. Can be said that their common explanation for the origin of Chinese characters provide a new basis.
Through systematic study, compared 19 species throughout China more than 100 archaeological and cultural sites of pottery unearthed in the carved symbols, Zhengzhou University, doctoral tutor, holds that: China's earliest carved symbols appeared in Henan Wuyang Jiahu , 8,000 years of history.
 As a professional, he tried to make comprehensive use of scientific means such as archeology, ancient writing configuration studies, comparative philology, science, technology and high-tech means of archaeological some basic ways to further pairs of these raw materials, carry out comprehensive order, which Combing through the text before the Shang Dynasty in alignment characters, the development of the idea.
 However, the situation is not so simple, apart from Zhengzhou mall sites, small Shuangqiaoshan sites (the site in recent years have discovered that more than 10 cases of pottery in the early Shang Dynasty) 小宗 materials can be compared directly with Inscriptions sequence, the other the previous symbol are scattered, their lack ring more, most of the symbols and text configuration of the Shang Dynasty substandard. Some symbols heavier geographical color, the background is complex.
 Was officially formed in the Central Plains, holds that the Chinese system should be officially formed in the Central Plains. Chinese characters are independent of the origin of a text, not dependent on any of the alien text exists, but its origin is not single, through multiple, long-term adjustments, and probably into the summer in the Annals of, in the ancient broad absorption, using the experience of the early signs, based on creativity and invention of language and symbols used to record system, in that era, the Chinese character system rapidly mature.
It is learned from the archaeological excavations unearthed text data, at least in the period Yujia China already has a formal text, such as in recent years, archaeologists had Xiangfen, Shanxi Taosi relics from a flat clay pots, found brush on the book's "text". These symbols belong to the early writing system in the basic configuration, a pity that the excavation of the text messages are still scarce.
Chinese characters and Principles
Pictograph: This Pictographic physical characteristics in accordance with the object to describe them, the so-called "painted their property, with the body interrogate Qu" is also. Such as day, month, mountain, water, two words that describe the first day, month, mountain, water patterns, then gradually evolved into the present shape.
Means something: This is the way the performance of abstract things, the so-called "all that being to that of" the one. If the writing in their "on" under the writing in their "Next."
Pictophonetic: is a word within a specific shape (root) table unique sound. Such as Hu. The word can also be a root, root combined with different properties can be synthesized as follows: butterfly, butterfly, lake a regulator of, Hu, Hu, etc., and with the same pronunciation (and some only the same initials), express different things. Characters and character in shape is the most sound way.
Knowing: This Pictographic, is the root word together, so that spawned a new meaning. Such as "Day" and "month" group together, that is, increase daylight into the moonlight "bright." "Person" and "speech" the word synthesis "trust", meaning that people have believed in the past said that this person is to comply with their own words.
Transfer Note: This is the word for each other notes, synonymous with each other and different shape, Han Xu Shen explained: "Better Class 1, agreed with by the Examination and always have." This is how I say? The two words, the ancient "test" can be used for "long life", the "old", "test" connected, meaning the same, that is also the so-called old man test, test those old too. "Book of Poetry . oak Park" Yiyun: "Zhou Wangshou test."
Guise: This method is short, to borrow the word, to express something else. In general, there is a can not describe the new things, to borrow a sound similar to the root close to, or property, to express this new thing. Such as "they" originally refers to the right hand (first seen in Oracle), but was later under the guise as "also" meant. Another example is "news" is intended to mean the ears to hear, "university" in there "turn a blind eye and a deaf ear" and later under the guise of a verb into a sense of smell.
Chinese characters and words
Morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning expression Science, analogous to the English "vocabulary" and "phrase" in general. Most Chinese characters can constitute an independent morpheme, such as "I", analogous to the single-letter English words, such as "I". Most words have been put in the vernacular is constituted by two or more Chinese characters, but, and the English "vocabulary" and "letter" of the relationship is different from the meaning of morphemes often and all of which constitutes a morpheme independent character of relevance when the mean Therefore a considerable extent, simplified memory.
Morpheme and the number of words, including the formation of the phrase morphemes.
Character of high efficiency, reflected in hundreds of basic pictograms, can be synthesized that all things in heaven and earth thousands of Chinese characters; thousands of commonly used words, it can easily assemble hundreds of thousands of words.
However, on the other hand, accurate knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of words with the form and usage has become a burden. About tens of thousands of common terms in Chinese, with a total vocabulary of about a 1 million, although it appears from the quantity of some daunting, but most of the ideographic characters of word formation, not out of reach to the basic control. So, just from the vocabulary, its learning curve is not high; compared to master the same amount of memory strength of foreign language vocabulary is far more.