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3576 : 何瑜霜 - Recommended Volunteers
Practical Chinese - Survival Level 1 Topic
  你好!How do you do?
  你身体好吗?How is your health?
  你工作忙吗?Are you busy with your work?
  您贵姓?May I know your name?
Practical Chinese - Survival Level 3 Topic
  我要去换钱 I am going to change money
  我要打国际电话 I want to make an international telephone call
  路上辛苦了Did you have a good trip?
  我觉得很遗憾 - It is a great pity.
Practical Chinese - Beginner Level 1 Topic
  问路 - 你们商店怎么走?
  各自饮食口味的喜好 - 我不吃辣的
  谈论自己参加过的婚礼 - 他请你参加婚礼
  谈谈自己去过的城市 - 我要去上海
Practical Chinese - Beginner Level 3 Topic
  风俗习惯 - 南方人跟北方人不一样
  聊聊自己的旅行计划 - 他是前年去的非洲
  聊一聊中关村的情况 - 你搬不动
  喜欢美术吗 - 这个美术馆没有中国美术馆大
Business Chinese - Level 1 Topic
  到达机场 - 北京机场真大 Beijing Airport is so big
  海关询问 - 您需要申报吗?Do you have anything to declare?
  进驻饭店 - 您预订房间了吗?Did you reserve a room?
  参观工厂 - 你们出口过产品吗?Did you export your products?
Business Chinese - Level 6 Topic
  知识产权 - 我们的商标被侵权了
  涉外税务 - 现在中外企业税率统一了
  跨国公司 - 我们在北京设立地区总部,有什么优惠政策?
  金融银行 - 人民币升值对我们利弊得失有哪些?
  商务背景 - 在中国,报纸电视新闻媒体是事业单位,不是企业
Chinese for Young - Level 1 Topic
  你家在哪儿 Where is your home?
  你叫什么 What is your name?
  我有一只小猫 I have a cat
  我要苹果,你呢 I want apple, what about you?
  我们班 Our Class in school
Chinese for Young - Level 4 Topic
  她比我高 He is taller than me
  苹果多少钱一斤 How much of the apples?
  你今天上了什么课 What classes did you have today?
  音乐会快要开始了 The concert is about to start
  我跟爸爸一样喜欢京剧 I like Beijing Opera, as well as Dad
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4476 : 廖燕
Occupation 助理/Assistant
Bilingual English -
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City 广州/GuangZhou  
My name is Angel. I was a sale assistant, I worked in that position for 6years.And now, I study in Jinan University, I passed the test of a bachelor's degree in English last year.In my free time, I like singing,dancing,cooking,travel. I really enjoy to talk about culture with my foreingner friends.
4456 : 张旭红
Occupation 家庭主妇/housewife
Bilingual 英语 - 非专四
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City 徐汇/Xuhui  
Hi,my English name is Renee,I lived in Shanghai more than ten years,I have a nice daughterhope,and two cats.I like any more. No stupid students if there are good teachers .
4412 : 肖敏
Occupation other
Bilingual English - 大四
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City 成都/Chengdu  
Actually, in my case, I would like meet more friends through this platform, rather than to teach Chinese. I will use the most common language to communicate with you, to help you learn Chinese, at the same time, I also informative. Let us be friends, okay?However, it due to lack of stability in my job, online time is unstable, so if you are willing, please contact with me, okay?
4410 : 俞晓操
Occupation 自由职业/Self-employed
Bilingual English - Cet-6
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City 武汉/WuHan  
I'm Susan, my chinese name is yu xiaocao. I graduated from Communication University of China, my major is radio and television director.I used to be an Olympic Games volunteer, During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.I like sport, art, reading and history.
4408 : 张婷婷
Occupation 研究生/postgraduate stu
Bilingual English - 非专6
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City 六安/Lu‘An  
My biggest advantages lie in that I am good at learning and I can adapt to different situations quickly. Also, I have the proper enterprise, curiosity, perseverance, insight, dedication, responsibility and analytical skills. Actually, I am good at viewing myself in an accurate way and putting myself in an appropriate position according to different life stages. I hope that I can contribute more to the TCSL major, which is still young and needs more daring hearts to go on the expedition.
4391 : 赵国青
Occupation 学生/Student
Bilingual English -
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City 哈尔滨/Harbin  
Hello! My name is Lara. I'm 24 years old. I'm an English major in Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang province. I'm very glad to have this opportunity to teach you Chinese and promote cross-culturual communication.
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