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Children Chinese
Children Course
What You will Learn
Designed for age of 11-16. Not only Chinese language learning, but also culture course, characters learning, Pinyin ...
United Kingdom Government certifies textbooks to Chinese for GCSE
Part A: 8 Units, 24 Lessons and 140 New Words
Part B: 8 Units, 24 Lessons and 155 New Words
Different from adults course system, there is a Parents Report and Tracking system as a option. If parents pay for children and hope to know progress and process of children learning, parents can login parents zone to view report.
A + B
12 Weeks + 12 Weeks
Starting Level
Zero (What's it?)
Targeted Level
Survival Level 3 (What's it?)
Students can study Chinese Characters Course at the same time if students want to learn more character writing.
Part A: Details
Unit One You and I
Lesson 1 How do you do?
Lesson 2 What is your name?
Lesson 3 Where is your home?

Unit Two My family
Lesson 4 Dad and Mum
Lesson 5 I have a cat
Lesson 6 My family is not big

Unit Three Food
Lesson 7 Drink milk, not coffee
Lesson 8 I want apple, what about you?
Lesson 9 I like seafood

Unit Four School Life
Lesson 10 Chinese Lesson
Lesson 11 Our Class
Lesson 12 go to school

Unit Five Time and Weather
Lesson 13 What is the time?
Lesson 14 My Birthday
Lesson 15 Whether it is cold today?

Unit Six Job
Lesson 16 He is a doctor.
Lesson 17 He works in a hospital
Lesson 18 I want to be an actor.

Unit Seven Hobby
Lesson 19 What is your hobby?
Lesson 20 Can you play tennis?
Lesson 21 I watch TV everyday.

Unit Eight Transport and Travel
Lesson 22 This is the train station
Lesson 23 I go there by plain
Lesson 24 The bus is the front.

Part B: Details

Unit One My friend and I
Lesson 1 Who is he?
Lesson 2 He is taller than me.
Lesson 3 One day of mine

Unit Two My family
Lesson 4 my family
Lesson 5 Living room is in the south
Lesson 6 The garden in your family is so beautiful

Unit Three Shopping
Lesson 7 what do you want to buy?
Lesson 8 How much of the apples?
Lesson 9 This clothes is a little more expensive than that one

Unit Four School Life
Lesson 10 What classes did you have today?
Lesson 11 Whether Chinese is difficult or not?
Lesson 12 Come to play Ping Pong ball.


Unit Five Environment and Health
Lesson 13 There will be flurry tomorrow.
Lesson 14 In the park
Lesson 15 I have caught a cold.

Unit Six Fashion and Entertainment
Lesson 16 I like the color of your clothes
Lesson 17 I like Beijing Opera, as well as Dad
Lesson 18 The concert is about to start

Unit Seven Media
Lesson 19 I will watch it with you
Lesson 20 His performance is so good
Lesson 21 Whether you have watched the broadcast or not?

Unit Eight Transport and Travel
Lesson 22 I have ever been to the Imperial Palace
Lesson 23 Guangzhou is much hotter than Beijing
Lesson 24 Eating moon cakes, and watching the moon

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