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School/University Service
Education Service and Course for School/University
Hello! Mandarin offers flexible service and total solution of Chinese language education for local public schools and universities all over the world who are lack of good enough or many enough Chinese language education resource, such as excellent Chinese teachers, lower teacher cost, lower student management cost, many enough Chinese volunteers to help students to practice after class, oral Chinese exam of 1 on 1, home stay service for students who want to continue studying in China...
Hello! Mandarin will offer the best Chinese education resources you required directly from China through high technical Internet platform.
Hello! Mandarin can design custom-made service absolutely based on your current textbook and course plan if you already offered Chinese courses in your school. And we also can offer total solution if you never offered Chinese education.
Before, You offered or want to offer Chinese Course
Now, Cooperate with Hello! Mandarin
Maybe you already offered successful Chinese education, but you also have difficulties: no many and good enough teacher team, no enough Chinese volunteers to help your students to practice, no new enough materials...
Hello! Mandarin will design flexible solution based on your resource. We just offer a part of education resource you needed, such as practice partners, student management system, new learning materials and the other services...
Maybe you never offered Chinese education before, you have no enough experience and resources to offer. If you offer independently, the cost is high and the risk is high.
Hello! Mandarin will offer total solution based on your requirements and case. You can choose freely our resource and make them to become your own to offer in your city.
Why Choose Hello! Mandarin as your Partner to Offer Chinese Education
Separate Student Zone
We will open a separate student zone and site for you. Our logo will not be shown to your students
Separate Landing Page
We will operate a independent website for you. Your students will use your site to learn.
Student Management
Excellent student management zone. You can monitor every student progress and class
Add and manage your students info in management zone.
Visit Live Class
Supervisors or directors of your school / university can visit classroom to watch live class of your students
Interview of Teacher
You can select teacher and interview from our teacher database for your course if you have different standard.
Total Solution
You never need to offer tutor or advisers to students. Our adviser center will offer and you can view log data.
Practice with Volunteer
A lot of Chinese volunteers will wait for your students online from China to help you to practice what they learnt.
Home Stay
Students can get home stay info from student zone if they hope to come to China to continue learning Chinese.
Parents Report (Young)
For Young students, student or parents can choose to link. Parents can see progress of children everyday.

University School Chinese Course

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