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How to learn Chinese
Understanding of Learning Chinese
Hello! Mandarin is the first and largest Live Online Chinese School in the world. We design service and course based on a theory, which we believe that it is very difficult for any person to learn a foreign language without teacher help, just to listen some CD or mp3, read some books and learn with a pre-designed software, especially for Chinese Language including pronunciation, culture, pinyin, characters, grammar, speaking and listening. So you need a good enough teacher, many enough native speaking practice partners and the best resource of learning.
Where can you find the best resource? Of course in Beijing, Capital City and Education Center of China, cradle of mandarin Chinese.
How to get the best resource in the easiest way? Of course through Internet.
Before, You have to come to China
Now in Hello! Mandarin
Come to China, live with us and study here in traditional classroom for a long time. For this option, you need enough time and money, or you also maybe have to give up many things.
Learn in Hello! Mandarin with our high technology system through Video and Audio global telecommunication platform. We can guarantee there is no big difference from studying in China.
If you are impossible to live or work in China forever, after you go back, you maybe have no enough opportunities to practice and use Chinese, you will forget most of what you learnt in China very soon.
you can learn at home, learn with good teachers from Beijing and practice Chinese with a lot of Chinese volunteers from all kinds of industries and cities. It is also easy for you to keep your current level.
Before, Learn in traditional classroom
Now, Learn Online in Hello!
I have no enough teachers to choose. I do not know whether teachers in my city are the most suitable to me. There is no open evaluation database and trackable background for my teacher.
Good enough and many enough Chinese teachers from Beijing. You can choose and change your teacher at any time. You choose teachers based evaluation and score of teachers given by previous students.
I learnt Chinese with paper based books and write / read Chinese in traditional way. But later I find out current Chinese people already give up paper and pen to use computer and Internet to communicate, study and work.
Because we are from China, we know how to learn practical Chinese. We use the most advanced technology to teach you Chinese. Generally it is more important for you to learn how to use Chinese on computer than on paper now.
Why Choose Hello! Mandarin to Learn Chinese Online
Study Plan Designer
Students can personalize your own study plan based your focus, requirements and schedule
Level Assessment
Join free self level assessment and live oral testing with adviser to know your level progress
Learn online courses and download textbook to study offline
Class Schedule Planner
Students can decide class time of every class based on your schedule. Convenient and easy.
Class Cancel
Students can cancel your class. You will not waste your money if you have to be absent.
Check out Class
Students can refuse to check out and ask teacher to repeat if you are not satisfied with today's class.
Evaluate Your Teacher
Students have right to evaluate teacher after every class. Your evaluation will be shown to all students.
Practice with Volunteer
A lot of Chinese volunteers will wait for you online from China to help you to practice what you learnt.
Students can get enough and free reference books and multimedia materials in library.
Parents Report
For Young students, you or your parents can choose to link. Parents can see progress of children everyday.

How to learn Chinese

More Detailed Features
-Flexible, economical, no monthly subscription limit -Experienced Chinese Teachers from Beijing
-Free Textbook and Students e-Book -Cheaper Tuition and Lower Cost
-Free Private Study Adviser -High Technical Teaching Platform
-Free Level Assessment -24/7 Class Schedule Decided by Students
-Personalized Study Solution -Study Anywhere and Fast Progress
-Select Your Favorite Teachers by yourself -No Transportation Cost and Saving Your Time
-Negotiable to Cancel or Postpone Class -Enough Opportunities to Practice
learn chinese
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