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Technical Help
Notes: If you have any technical questions, please contact your study adviser or Click Live Support on the homepage to call Technical Support.
Q: Required Device to join Live Class?
A: A headset, broadband Internet. Learn more >>
Q: How to display Chinese characters on the computer?
A: 1 - See the directions under your operating system to quickly get your web browser to display Chinese characters. Learn more >>
A: 2 - How to use East Asian languages on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Learn more >>
A: 3 - NJStart Software (Chinese Input and Display) (Shareware) Learn more >>
Q: How to input Chinese character? (Web tool, not required to install)
A: - a very easy to use web tool to type Chinese by pinyin. If you know pinyin, input pinyin, the Chinese characters will be translated and shown. You just need to copy and paste characters. Click here to use now >>
note 1: - How to use? (Screen shot)
note 2: - If your computer cannot display the web page of pinyin tool, please change Character Encoding of web browser to Chinese Simplified or Auto-Detect. (Screen shot)
Click to use now
Useful Chinese Learning Tools Download (Required to install)
Courseware Player (English version) (Free): For Recorded multimedia courseware from tutors. Download here >>
Acrobat Reader (Free): To read PDF version ebook of textbooks. Download here >>
Google Pinyin tool (Free): Free Google product. Download here >>
Install on the computer, input pinyin, output Chinese character. The most popular Chinese input tool in China (Chinese people also need to use the tool to input Chinese characters).
Google Chinese - English Dictionary (Free): Google and Kingsoft launched a free Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary in 2008.
If you install it on a non-Chinese operating system you probably see a lot of weird symbols (not Chinese but more machine language like), on the first page of the install, tick the box (you probably agree of giving away your privacy to Kingsoft and Google and whoever else is listening in) and then continue with clicking wherever it shows a (n) on a button. Download here >>
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