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Monthly Recommended
Lesson 1. Greeting
Lesson 2. Introductions
Lesson 3. Numbers
Lesson 4. Time
Lesson 5. Dates
Lesson 6. Making Phone Calls
Lesson 7. Asking for directions
Lesson 8. Asking for help
Lesson 9. Losing weight
Lesson 10. Revision
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Lesson 11. Staying at Hotels
Lesson 12. Changing Money
Lesson 13. Repairing the Bicycle
Lesson 14. Taking Taxis
Lesson 15. Taking Buses
Lesson 16. Talking about the Weather
Lesson 17. Sending Letters
Lesson 18. On the Internet
Lesson 19. Booking Tickets
Lesson 20. Revision
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Lesson 21. Reservations and Dining
Lesson 22. Opinions
Lesson 23. Guest Visit
Lesson 24. Developing Films
Lesson 25. Washing the Laundry
Lesson 26. Seeing a Doctor
Lesson 27. Birthdays
Lesson 28. Eating Roast Duck
Lesson 29. Touring in Beijing
Lesson 30. Revision
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Lesson 31. Travel Plans
Lesson 32. Appointments
Lesson 33. Shopping
Lesson 34. Watching a Movie/Peking Opera
Lesson 35. Haircuts
Lesson 36. Price Haggling
Lesson 37. Tailor-Made Clothing
Lesson 38. Sports
Lesson 39. Goodbye
Lesson 40. Revision
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