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Already more than 8,000 Students graduated from Hello! since 2003
The teachers are very helpful and friendly. Staff and service is also great. Thank you!
- Vernon ( a poet from King's Lynn,England )
The teaching method is great and better than any other tried before. I feel the level I am currently at might be too low in some respects but it is good repetition.
- Thomas ( NewZealand )
The teachers in Beijing Online School of Chinese Language seem experienced and capable.
- Joseph ( a soldier of American Air Force in Korea Military Base)
Excellent teacher! Very cheap tuition and low price. Only 1/4 of classroom training tuition of USA
- Michael (a computer engineer from L.A.)
Hello Mandarin is a school which enables you to learn a lot of Chinese in a short time and also gives you an insight in Chinese culture
- Paul (a lawyer from Washington D.C,U.S.A.)
The course are great.The instructor are excellent
- Maria (Canadian)
I'm enjoying my lessons. The teaching style is dynamic. I'm learning a lot.
- Thomas ( Brighton,England )
The teacher is very nice, knowledgeable and patient. I really enjoyed her classes. I learned a lot.
- Tamara ( Australia )
Very informative class. The motivation to learn is like a breath of fresh air. After just a few classes, I found myself applying the lessons learned. Great program. Miss. Guo has high expectations and I would not have it any other way. I would suggest her to all my co-worker.
- Trent ( a student from Arizona State University,Phoenix,America ) 
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March 16, 2005
August 7, 2005
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