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  Our Instructors  
  Instructors of Hello Mandarin all are native Chinese speakers and bilingual speakers of a foreign language and Chinese.
Most of Instructors come from Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Tsinghua University.
Instructors are highly experienced and dedicated professionals.
Instructors are strictly selected and well trained at least one hundred hours before they giving a formal lesson .
Many of Instructors also holding a Master's degree and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Certificate.
Training department is responsible for maintaining the standards by constantly monitoring the performance to guarantee the teaching quality.
  Leaders of Our Teacher Team  
graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University. I have worked as a professional Chinese teacher for foreign students for 8 years. Beijing is capital city of China in most of past 1000 years. Mandarin came from Beijing accent. Beijing accent is the most standard Chinese pronunciation.
Dr. Zhang
Ph.D. of Chinese Philosophy from Peking University. Love to introduce Chinese culture, history, calligraphy and arts for foreigners. Author of 7 Chinese language textbooks. Worked in Beijing as journalist, poets, literature professor of universities for Chinese undergraduates for 35 years.
Monthly Recommended Teachers and New Teachers
Who Am I
Class Demo
54 Name: Zhu Shuyi
From: Beijing Language and Culture University 北京语言文化大学
Degree: Master degree of Teaching Chinese as second Language
Experience: As a Chinese teacher in The College of Intensive Chinese Training and Chinese College in BLCU, I have taught spoken Chinese and listening Chinese and so on.
I joined in the HBA (Harvard Beijing Academy) project in 2006, in this project, I learned a lot of things from other Chinese teachers from Harvard university. After two months teaching, I became more familiar with the learning process of the foreign students.
I am good at teaching BUSINESS CHINESE and SPOKEN CHINESE, and teach beginners. I had experiences in teaching CHINESE CHARACTER.
I am very patient in teaching. I am able to speak fluent Cantonese and Hakka.
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Name: Wu Wei
From: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 北京中医药大学
Position: Instructor of Teaching Chinese as second Language
Experience: I love students and enjoy being a teacher. I prefer first to be a friend of my students. I think a wonderful class should full of interest, energy and challenge besides knowledge transfer. On the other hand, I conduct my class not only in the classroom, but any place which is suitable for culture exchange. In 12 years I had experienced teacher, editor, anchor, tour guide, secretary and interpreter, I think my various professional history will be helpful for me when I conduct class for different students from different countries.
Chinese / Mandarin , English
Name: Gu Longfei
From: Beijing Language and Culture University 北京语言文化大学
Major: Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature
Experience: Chinese pronunciation, Spoken Chinese, Children's Chinese, Elementary Chinese (Survival and Beginner), Intermediate Chinese, Business Chinese
Relax, accumulation and movement are three essential things to do in my leisure time. So, listening to music is one of my favorites. I always believe music has the magical power that can disperse the bad mood, relax the intense emotion…
Reading prose and travel book is also my love. I like accumulating the beautiful words in the prose which can enrich my language and enjoying the wonderful views from different countries that convey exotic culture to me.
Life lies in the movement, I always believe it. So Yoga is my another hobby
Personality traits: Good Communication skill, Creative, Earnest, Frank, Optimistic
Chinese / Mandarin , English  
Name: Wang Yanli
From: Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学
Degree: Master degree of Media
Experience: My students come from Japan \ South Korea \America or India, some of them had a good Chinese ability, but some of them were not well about Chinese. So, I am enjoy this teaching progress and I love this kind of job.
I was working in a communicate company about product film or TV series. The job can help me know many people, I need communicate with them in different fields, so I think it’s good for the my job about teaching Chinese.
I like teaching BUSINESS CHINESE and CHILDRENS CHINESE.( Beginning and senior level ,both are ok) . By the way, I have some foreign friends and most of them should pass the HSK exam, so , I am good at HSK’s text and I thinks I can teaching this kind of lessons. (Senior level is better)
About my hobbies, I like dancing, do sport. I also like play the piano and like make new friends, I am good at write articles and like watching movie.
Chinese / Mandarin, English
Name: Gao Yongle
From: University of International Business and Economics 对外经贸大学
Degree: Bachelor degree of Business English
Experience: My name is Gao Yongle, means happy forever. I was graduated from University of International Business and Economics, which is one of the best business schools with high English level in China. I attained the bachelor degree of Business English there.
Thanks to my optimistic character and good communicating, I worked as a foreign teacher's assistant when I was sophomore; And till now, 3 years teaching, I have had much experience in teaching Chinese. Learning by them, I have not only enhanced my professional English level, but also made some improvement in the areas of the history and the economy of China.
Chinese / Mandarin, English
Name: Wang Li
From: Tianjin University of Commerce
Major: English and Tourism
Experience: I was born and grew up in Beijing. I was graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce. My major is English. Teaching Chinese a year is a very nice experience for me. I really interested in Chinese culture. As a part time tour guide, I believe you will know more about mystic China through my teaching. What I am good at is Chinese pronunciation, culture, especially for beginner level students.
My teaching motto is less pain, more gain! No student only friends! Confucius said there must be a teacher walking before me in three people. Best wishes for wonderful 2008!
Chinese / Mandarin, English
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Name: Su Ying
From: Peking University 北京大学
Degree: Master
Major: Literary Theory based in Chinese Literature and Language Study Department
Experience: I am a native of Beijing. I graduated from Fu dan University in 2006 with a Master's degree. I am majoring in Literary Theory based in Chinese Literature and Language Study Department. I have two years Chinese teaching experience in both Fu dan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I taught writing, listening and speaking. I had passed the National Advanced Chinese Language Teaching Skill Test. Now I am teaching in Peking University.
1. Fu dan Universität
2. Ich bin Ying aus Peking, China. Ich studiere Chinesischen Literatur und Vergleiscende Literaturwissenschaft. Gerne helfe ich beim Chinesisch lernen.
3. Chinsisches Kultur und Literatur
4. Ich gern lese, Ballet tanze unt Chinesische opera singe.
Chinese / Mandarin, English, German
Name: Kong Yin
From: China University of Mining & Technology
Degree: Ph.D.
Major: Management
Experience: I have 9 years teaching experience as a lecturer in Shan dong University of Science and Technology (SDUST), mainly taught Principles of Management, Microeconomics, and Specialized English in Management. In my spare time, I had ever been working as an assistant to British expert of England Consultation Company named VECTOR, in new project of Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 (BCIA T3).
I am good at teaching syllable and beginner students, and business Chinese as well. My oral English is very good, and my major is very helpful for business Chinese teaching.
Chinese music and classic literature; swimming and tennis
Chinese / Mandarin, English
Name: Jiang Sai Shuang
From: China Science and Technology University
Degree: Bachelor
Major: Computer Science and Technology
Experience: I had teaching foreign people Chinese for about 8 years. My students are from Korea, Japan, Europe, US, Canada and so on. I love my job. I love my students, we are good friends!
I am good at teaching any level courses including pronunciation, character, grammar and Chinese culture. My teaching style is interesting and easy understand, but they are all very useful.
I give my students large amounts of information about China and stories. after class I will E-mail them a lot tales which interested them.
I like reading, doing sports, painting, playing piano and designing pictures I will tell my students what's happening in China, where to go in China and what's the best place.
My Class is totally Chinese taste!
Chinese / Mandarin, English
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